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Living at Orenco Station

Orenco Station is a new transit-oriented community of 1,800 homes, a town center, office, retail and nearby employment on 209 acres in the town of Hillsboro, west of Portland, Oregon. Extending out from the light rail and town center is a grid of walkable, tree-lined streets and parks, featuring cottages, condominiums and rowhomes in a broad range of sizes and prices.

The site of Orenco Station was designated a “Town Center” under Portland’s 2040 regional plan, one of a number of Town Centers along a new light rail line. As the most ambitious and most successful such community to date, it has become a closely studied laboratory of new ideas in the battle against sprawl.

Community History

Portland and Oregon are well known for their innovations in regional growth management. Oregon’s Urban Growth Boundary laws have been closely watched and copied around the United States. Portland’s thriving mixed-use downtown is a celebrated comeback story, and its success in preserving farmland and open space is well known. But Portland’s suburbs are something of a dirty local secret: in spite of the Urban Growth Boundary, they are sprawling, auto-dependent, and largely indistinguishable from other poorly functioning suburbs across America.

Two cities dominate the western suburbs – Beaverton and Hillsboro. Beaverton is the first city heading west out of Portland and Hillsboro is the next in line. Both cities are one of Oregon’s centers of manufacturing and technology. But you might not believe this at first, due to the lack of gridlock, skyscrapers, and air pollution. Most of Hillsboro’s commercial industry is done in industrial park campus settings designed to blend in with the countryside. The people that work at companies like Intel, Toshiba, Tektronix and others live in the heart of the country, breathing fresh air, serenaded by songbirds, and soothed by the green, fertile farmland around them.

The west side is located in the middle of the warm, temperate Tualatin Valley, equidistant between the Cascade Range and the Pacific Ocean. Also easy access to Portland. You will find good schools, numerous parks, green lawns, and a variety of housing.

Please be aware that the Orenco Station name is being used more and more as a geographical location by developers advertising their homes and rentals around the parameter of the original “Orenco Station.” They want to associate themselves with the successful planned community.

Orenco Station has a number of retail establishments to include New Seasons Market, a Portland-based group of grocery stores that emphasize local and organic products, two restaurants, cleaners, kitchen supply store women’s clothier, Starbucks, and many others.

The Crossroads at Orenco Station is a major retail center located within easy walking distance of the residences within Orenco Station. Anchors include Waremart Foods, a major warehouse grocery outlet, and G.I. Joe’s, a popular northwest sports and auto retailer. Other shops and services include AlphaGraphics print shop, Blockbuster Video, Washington Mutual bank, US Bank and Carl’s Jr. restaurant. The center will ultimately include offices, restaurants, shops and services, conveniently located for area residents.

Orenco Station Homes

The station has a home plan and price to meet just about every need. This includes lofts, townhomes, traditional single-family, cluster homes, and condominiums. Pricing of the new homes: Under $150,000 to $450,000.

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